39 Barn Find Camaros And Chevelles Discovered

Jan 27, 2022 2 min read
39 Barn Find Camaros And Chevelles Discovered

What would you do with all these classics?

Some people have commented that with all the barn finds popping up everywhere, we’ll soon run out of them. You might think so, but it seems like every day there are more. Sure, some are obviously staged, but there are still plenty of cool cars tucked away in barns, sheds, garages, or other places where few people know about them. Today, we get a look at an epic 39-car barn find consisting of some of the most desirable Chevy muscle cars ever made.

Watch a Mustang take out a crowd in Florida here.

The discovery, which was documented and uploaded to YouTube by digitalpizza, features only 1968 and 1969 Camaro SS and Z/28 cars as well as 1970 Chevelle SS 396 and 454 cars. Some are rough and others look like they’ve been at least mostly restored. These amazing classics have been tucked away at a working farm in Oklahoma, taking up 5 different buildings on the property.

There’s also a dizzying array of parts kept in the buildings, which those alone would be worth a bundle of cash. Some of those components have been perfectly preserved and look to be factory fresh.

In the video, it isn’t disclosed where in the state this farm is located, and that’s probably for good reason. As we’ve seen plenty of times, there are wanna-be barn find hunters who don’t understand trespassing laws and certainly don’t respect people’s private property as they quest to become rich and famous. However, you can tell from the beginning of the video wherever the farm is, it’s a pretty remote area, so it’s probably not a place you would just happen upon while traveling from one city to the next.

If you have fantasized about making these kinds of barn find discoveries and want to bridge the gap to reality, you need to keep in mind a few things. The guy who discovered this stash has an excellent reputation for being a Chevy authority, so that helps tremendously. After all, people who have squirreled away cars for decades understandably want them to go to someone who will appreciate and respect what they are.

You also need to be good at dealing with people, not just working on cars. Someone who has hidden away some beloved rides for decades isn’t going to hand them over just because you can work on anything. You’ll need to gain their confidence, show you’re a professional, and be keenly aware of the delicate emotions attached to the classic cars.

Finally, you’ve got to have cash, because in these kinds of transactions it’s absolutely necessary. In this case it takes money to make money, so it might require you to save up for a while.

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