Ford Mustang Crashes Leaving Car Meet

Sep 17, 2021 2 min read
Ford Mustang Crashes Leaving Car Meet

We know, we know, you’ve seen this before, only this time it’s different…

The best way to get an eyeroll and grumbling from Ford Mustang enthusiasts is to bring up the trend of videos showing Mustangs wrecking out while leaving car meets. There are countless examples of this all over the internet. We could debate about why that is for hours on end, but the fact is we’ve covered Dodges and other non-Mustangs crashing while leaving meets, so we know the stereotype doesn’t really hold any water.

Watch a Fox Body Mustang get torn in half during a street race here.

But it’s videos like the one we’re sharing which was posted to Reddit recently. These really add fuel to the argument that Mustang drivers are absolutely reckless when leaving meets. In it, we see some people standing on the side of the road, watching cars leave a meet. Among the vehicles driving down the street is a red Fox Body Mustang, perhaps the most controversial pony car other than the Mach-E.

Instead of staying in the right lane to turn right, the Mustang driver switches to the center lane, then jerks on his steering wheel without signaling. Did he leave his BMW at home? And is he used to driving a 16-wheeler?

The victim in this senseless act of stupidity is the owner of a Baja Bug which is painted a desert camouflage. He comes along in the right lane just in time for the Mustang to smack right into the little Volkswagen, which thankfully takes the hit like a champion.

It almost looks like the little German would roll away without a scratch, but a short distance later a few components are belched onto the road, then the VW veers left while the front end bobs up and down. The video cuts off before the Type 1 ends up in the grassy median, another victim of a Ford Mustang leaving a car meet.

We’re thinking since the Beetle was camouflaged the Mustang driver couldn’t see it. Check out the video for yourself to see the stupidity and carnage.

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