Kim Kardashian Can’t Open Her Own Car Door

Sep 2, 2022 2 min read
Kim Kardashian Can’t Open Her Own Car Door

It must be tough working so hard all the time…

We’re still not sure why Kim Kardashian or any of her sisters and we think they’re step sisters are celebrities. Perhaps someone who’s watched that show they were all on can fill us in on the details sometime when we actually care. One thing is for sure, the Kardashian’s aren’t the brightest crayons in the box as clearly illustrated when Kim can’t figure out how to open her car door.

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The struggle is chronicled on the star’s YouTube channel in some video tour of her new office. Kim has some sort of skincare line we’re pretty sure really involves plenty of Botox injections and airbrushing, but that’s just her little secret. Anyway, that office has a garage area where she can just drive right on in, which honestly is probably a great safety feature.

For this video, Kardashian brings her white, custom Mercedes-Maybach S-Class which funny enough matches her hair these days. One would imagine she knows the car well enough since she arrives in the driver’s seat and not in the backseat like a lot of people who own these things would use them, so it’s amusing that when she tries leaving at the end of the shoot she can’t get the door open.

If you don’t know, the handles on the modern Maybach sit flush with the door like on a Tesla and pop out when you press on them. Well, Kimmy can’t figure that one out as she presses on it repeatedly with no results.

After getting frustrated she calls out to ask if anyone knows how to get into her car. We half expected some harried assistant to come rushing to her rescue, but instead it almost sounds like those out of view were laughing at her. Kardashian finally pushes on the handle with her palm and it pops out, then she makes a joke about how if she were in a Scream movie she’d be dead by now. We think she should be murdered at the beginning of the next movie after making a series of absolutely idiotic moves – that would be entertaining.

Check out the video, but the real action is all at the end.

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