Ford Fiesta ST Manages To Evade The Cops For Over An Hour

Jul 27, 2020 1 min read
Ford Fiesta ST Manages To Evade The Cops For Over An Hour

Of all the possible getaway vehicles, he used that?

There’s no hiding the truth that we here love muscle cars and sports cars. The Ford Fiesta ST is neither. Is it quick and nimble for what it is? Yes, but it’s really a glorified grocery getter, to be honest. If that offends you then you probably are triggered often. However, that fact makes it amazing that a driver behind the wheel of the hot hatch was able to evade police for over an hour as the chase ranged from the San Fernando Valley to South Bay in Southern California.

You can watch the entire video accompanying this post if you have an hour and 18 minutes to kill. There are some exciting parts, but most of it is the police helicopter shadowing the Fiesta ST as it speeds through traffic. At one point police try to box him in when they get into heavy traffic, but the Ford driver swerves into oncoming traffic.

Some are saying the Fiesta ST driver must be some sort of expert wheelman. We disagree, because if you watch the video the driving is pretty sloppy. It does showcase the capabilities of the little hatchback and why some people just love the things. But if he had been behind the wheel of a high-powered, rear-wheel-drive car he would’ve wrecked out in no time with those “skills.”

Not shockingly, police say they believe the driver was intoxicated. Again, with the sloppy driving that’s not shocking. Plus, running from the cops is a dumb idea, so mental impairment is likely.

This chase also shows what happens when the police don’t heavily pursue someone, but instead fall back and engage in tracking. The chopper stays on him and everyone has radios, so it’s not like they lost the guy. Also, eventually a gas tank will run dry, especially with such aggressive driving. In the video the air crew has to stop the pursuit because of cloud cover, but officers in cars eventually made an arrest.

Source: ABC7

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