These high-powered sport compacts are definitely instant collector cars.

After years of waiting, sport compact enthusiasts in the U.S. could finally rejoice when Honda introduced the Civic Type R in 2018, and this car didn't disappoint. Seeing as how many of these cars were raced, abused and/or modified, though, it's pretty hard to find a responsibly appreciated example like this 2019 Honda Civic Type R.

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

The excitement surrounding this car comes from its 306-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and enthusiast-minded six-speed manual gearbox, and with less than 9,000 actual miles, this Type R is just barely broken in and still looks like it is brand new. Backing up that peppy engine, the Type R is easy to recognize thanks to its chin spoiler, hood vent and massive rear wing.

Painted in Championship White paint job with contrasting black wheels, this particular Type R is about as subtle as these cars come, but there's still no doubting that this hot hatch means business! Inside, the two-tone interior reveals heavily bolstered racing-inspired seats, aluminum pedals and a sporty gear shifter that backs up the car's exterior looks and shows no signs of wear. Being a Touring trim level, this Civic Type R was optioned up with all the goodies, such as navigation, for improved driving pleasure.

Considering a 20-year-old Civic Si just sold for more than $50,000, now is a good time to start looking at these late-model Japanese sports cars for what they really are: investment-grade collectibles. If you're looking a cool, sporty modern-day classic that you can drive and enjoy today or tuck it away as a future investment, Verrillo Motor Car has this low-mileage Civic Type R listed for $33,999 or you can click HERE to make an offer.