Fleeing Mustang Driver Auditions For Dukes Of Hazzard

Aug 19, 2022 2 min read
Fleeing Mustang Driver Auditions For Dukes Of Hazzard

He just launches his pony out into the night air…

Even if you’re an experienced track driver, running from the cops during an attempted traffic stop is dumb. What’s even dumber is doing that in inclement weather as visibility and traction both diminish. This Ford Mustang driver didn’t get the memo before he decided ditching authorities in Georgia was wise. The guy ended up sending his pony car into the air like he was in an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, making for one of the craziest dash cam videos we’ve seen in a while.

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The whole chase started when a Bulloch County Sheriff’s deputy tried pulling over the Mustang. Before that, the deputy reportedly ran the plate and it came back that the owner had not only a suspended license but also a felony warrant. That was the first mistake the suspect made.

Deciding to make a run for it was mistake two. Running from the authorities usually ends poorly. They can overwhelm you with their numbers and often know the roads better than you since they’re constantly patrolling them. Also, most departments put their members through high-speed pursuit training, something this deputy displays with competence.

Toward the end of the chase as rain starts soaking the roadway, that would’ve been a great time for the suspect to pull over and surrender. Instead, like a stubborn toddler he pushes the Mustang even harder. The deputy wisely doesn’t mirror him, keeping his speed appropriate for the conditions. You can see the back end of the pony break free and the driver fights speed wobble as his ride whips back and forth before finally launching off the side of the road, hitting a guard rail that sends it flying into the night air like the General Lee. The suspect didn’t survive the landing. Don’t run from the cops.

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