Hobbs And Shaw Off-Road Ford Trophy Truck

Aug 19, 2022 2 min read
Hobbs And Shaw Off-Road Ford Trophy Truck

This incredible custom classic truck is a wonderful beast on the road and mud.

Originally built for the big screen on the popular spin off television show Hobbs & Shaw, this trophy truck is an iconic vehicle to say the least. Fans of the series will remember the intense chase through the jungle where the vehicle went head to head with many opponents in similarly specced cars. A little while after this vehicle was used in filming, it went into the abyss that nearly all movie cars find post-production. That was before being rescued from a seemingly inevitable life at the museum with little to no driving in favor of a home with a father/son car enthusiast duo. So what makes this such an amazing car that it stood out to these fans of the fast and furious along with its many performance vehicles?

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At its core, this truck is a purpose-built racing vehicle made for the dirt track and desert which is obviously pretty fun. In fact, this vehicle is so good at what it was meant to do that the driver even describes it as “a short-course race truck with a classic body on top” as confirmed by the exposed suspension pieces and roaring V8. It's easy to see that the Ford has been heavily modified from its original condition with even the body having been pretty drastically altered. It's hard to make a case that the stock version of this truck is in any way better than its current set up, though the purists will certainly try. However, maybe that attitude will change when they hear of the wild performance beholden by this ‘30s workhorse.

Despite having 37 inch tires, this truck is capable of doing long lasting burnouts and donuts unlike  anything else we've seen on the internet. This is accomplished via a 525 cubic inch LS V8 engine which cranks out about 100 extra horsepower over its stock crate counterparts. On top of that, acceleration is controlled via Turbo 400 automatic transmission which really helps control the massively powerful truck. Overall, this is one of the coolest movie cars to ever see the silver screen which is why it fits the TV show so perfectly and now this man and his dad get to enjoy it for decades to come.

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