Three victims have died during a violent underground 'fly-by' crash.

Update as of 03:21 pm 02/24/2021: The two boys killed by the crash have been confirmed to be brothers. They were spending the night at their grandparent's apartment, which was less than a block away from the crash. As for the third victim, Roger Glover, traveled across the country from New Jersey to Texas, according to his mom.

Update as of 05:50 pm 02/23/2021: As as Tuesday afternoon, a 14 and 16-year-old child, have died. The third victim was a 35-year-old male. Bail and bond conditions have been set for Andrew Mock late Monday at $30,000 for each of the two deaths and $20,000 for the assault charge. The charges and bond amount could increase now that a third death has been confirmed.

Original Story:

Most of us aren't completely innocent when it comes to our cars, especially when they boast better than average performance, but this street takeover stuff is pure stupidity. It seems like nowadays, people can't resist showing off in the stupidest ways, and this is coming from a huge showoff behind the wheel. So here we are, reporting on, yet another, modern muscle car making everyone else look like irresponsible delinquents who can't handle their own car. As a result, two have died from a Chevy Camaro crash in Harris county, Texas.

There's not much to say about the video of the crash, other than watch with caution, I wouldn't even let my teenage son see it. A Camaro is seen racing down an access road/off-ramp, and violently smacking into a Malibu, that was pulling out into the road. The Malibu was hit so hard that debris damaged a second Camaro in a nearby parking lot.

The part that really makes you lose (even more) faith in the human race is the reaction of the crowd - the onlookers react with a high level of excitement and entertainment, I'm pretty sure I hear some laughs in there as well.

Reports are conflicting about what happened to the passenger, with a reliable source saying the passenger is seen thrown from the Camaro in the video. A local news station notes that two bystanders, at least one hit by the Malibu, have now died, with another airlifted from the scene, one being a 16-year-old boy. While a different Houston news site allude to the passenger of the Camaro being the other person who died. Comments on his Facebook page (which we won't link to for obvious reasons) mention that a third teen has also died in the last few hours. Meanwhile, the grown man, who appears to actually be a father, who was (poorly) driving the Camaro is a-okay - he has been charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault.

A grown adult (who has fathered a child) showing off for a bunch of kids, is, well, pretty pathetic in and of itself. Surely in his multiple decades on this planet, he's heard of drag strips, road courses, and at least private property to flex on, but I guess that would be less thrilling without the squealing teens cheering him on.

Our thoughts are with the families of the killed and injured, and honestly, I even feel sorry for the car. Here's to hoping this is a wake up call to someone tempted to engage in these spectator filled drive bys. On a long enough timeline, you're going to hurt someone or destroy your car, that's not something a real auto enthusiast would even risk.

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