Where Is The Very First Ford Mustang?

Mar 6, 2022 2 min read
Where Is The Very First Ford Mustang?

After over 60 years of production, the Ford Mustang has become America’s favorite pony car but what happened to the first one ever made?

The Ford Mustang was an instant success in America because of its ability to combine a muscle car's incredible power and style with the lightweight chassis of a European sports coupe. While many American car enthusiasts think of the 'Stang as a muscle car, we all know that this thing was the start of something far more significant. That car sparked the pony car wars, eventually gaining the title of America's favorite performance car for nearly six decades. With such an incredible origin story, it is a ton of fun to look back on the past of this iconic pony car, but there is one question that most of us enthusiasts have wondered about for a while now. What happened to the very first Mustang?

After being sent to a dealership in Canada, the very first Ford Mustang caught the eye of an airline pilot who needed a sporty American car that he could drive for fun. Everything from the sparkling white paint to the smooth convertible top enticed him to buy it, and so he did, without Ford's knowledge of the course. The truth is that Ford never intended to sell that car as they knew it would be precious in the years to come. They approached the man to repurchase it, but the pilot refused because he was no fool. It was clear that Captain Tucker knew precisely what he was holding on to, but Ford was determined to get the car back.

10,000 miles later, in the winter of 1965, Ford came to him once again, but this time they had a far sweeter deal up their sleeve. They offered a simple trade deal; Tucker would give them back the car in exchange for a 1966 Mustang with any options of his choosing. This new car was a 1966 Silver Frost Ford Mustang convertible with a TV set in the dash, which was costly for the time. But, of course, this was a great car in its own right as it was the 1,000,000th Mustang ever produced, making it a historical relic. Nowadays, the world's first Mustang can be found at the Henry Ford Museum, where it will stay for as long as Ford is around.

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