Iconic Automotive Landmark Leaving Seattle Area

Feb 21, 2020 2 min read
Iconic Automotive Landmark Leaving Seattle Area

Drager's automotive "clubhouse" is relocating further north.

Speed Digital client Drager's Classic Cars isn't just a place to buy and sell classic cars, it also focuses on event rentals and it's a destination for car lovers to visit, relax and relive the glory days of muscle cars. After 70 years in Seattle and 20 years in its current location, Drager's is moving about an hour north to Skagit County, Washington.

Drager's first opened in 1934 selling motorcycle parts and accessories, and it was one of the first Harley-Davidson dealerships in Washington. In the '70s, Drager's began to focus on classic and collector cars, and the current building was built in 2000 acting as much as a classic car showroom as it is a museum and clubhouse with everything from automotive memorabilia to a sound system and dance floor.

Perhaps the coolest part about the current Drager's Classic Cars location is the massive 3D mural giving a realistic glimpse down 1950s Main Street, America. Sadly, the building – including the beautiful mural – will be torn down once the it is vacated this June. Hopefully, Drager's will recreate the mural at its new location, but it sure is sad to see such a work of art be destroyed. Check out the creation of the incredible mural in the video below.

When it comes to buying and selling classic and collector cars, Drager's will definitely continue that through the move and then once the new location has opened in Skagit County. Be sure to contact Drager's for more information on any of the cars up for sale or to schedule an appointment to come check out the amazing clubhouse.

Source: Shoreline Area News

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