Facebook Find: Kawasaki-Powered Trike

Dec 29, 2020 2 min read
Facebook Find: Kawasaki-Powered Trike

When you look at cars online all day, every day, you get desensitized to certain things. Every now and again, though, we find something truly weird.

This thing is so weird, in fact, that we felt compelled to share it with you. This has to be one of the most unusual creations we've ever seen.

We found it on Facebook in Claremore, Oklahoma. Apparently, it's called a Phoenix Trike Roadster, and it was built in 1987.

Image Via Facebook

It's a single-seater, three-wheeled car that looks like something out of a sci-fi cartoon. This is as real as it gets, though.

The ad states that it is some sort of prototype. It has pneumatically operated active aerodynamics, and it looks like some sort of bizarro world Formula 1 car.

Image Via Facebook

This creation is powered by a 750cc Kawasaki motorcycle engine that's stated to develop 100 horsepower. That would make a small, lightweight car like this absolutely fly. Maybe it actually needs all of that aero!

One of the reasons that you don't see more motorcycle engine swaps is the issue of figuring our reverse. It's not stated in the ad whether it has reverse or not. However, if you're able to put together a a car with pneumatically controlled active aero, you can probably figure out a solution for the reverse gear problem as well.

Image Via Facebook

The Italian flag motif painted on the body is quite unusual, and it winds up making the car look half red and half green with a racing stripe. The Phoenix Trike Roadster would probably look better in a solid color.

If this unusual car has you reaching for your wallet, be prepared to part with $9,000 for this beauty. That's more than a used up 750 Ninja, but far less than some other sophisticated three-wheelers we've seen.

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