Drunk Driver Peels The Roof Off A Camaro

Jan 4, 2022 2 min read
Drunk Driver Peels The Roof Off A Camaro

It was a Christmas day unwrapping event…

Back on Christmas day in Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais, Brazil a bizarre accident left the roof of a Chevy Camaro peeled off like it was some sort of banana. Surveillance video from a pizzeria shows the whole horrific scene unfold, although the video quality is a little grainy since it isn’t HD, but it’s good enough to portray what happened.

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The video starts off showing a hatchback followed by a motorcycle and then another car traveling down a side road. That second car seems to be going much faster than the other two vehicles, plus it’s swerving a little and driving more on the left side of the road than it should.

From there, the video shows a different camera where the three vehicles come to a three-way intersection. The intersecting road is above a much larger, busier road. However, there is no barrier between the higher, smaller road and the lower, larger road. The first car and the motorcycle both slow down and cautiously make a left turn, but the second car just goes straight, plunging off the higher road and landing right on the roof of the Camaro.

Because the video quality doesn’t show all the details clearly, we think the Camaro is a convertible but we can’t be absolutely certain. Either way, watching the roof get peel off is scary since fatal injuries to anyone in the car wouldn’t have been the least bit surprising. Also, the drunk driver was fortunate he didn’t hit the bus that was on the busier road just seconds before, otherwise he might have been seriously injured or killed.

When the dust settled, seven vehicles were involved in the crash. Unfortunately, four people were injured, although we couldn’t find any information about just how seriously other than the driver of the Camaro, the only one in the car, was is serious but not fatal condition. The fact the Camaro driver wasn’t decapitated or crushed to death by this drunk driver is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, so we’re grateful for that much.

Check out this crazy video for yourself.

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