Corvette Restomod Build Has 700-HP And Looks To Kill

Jan 4, 2022 2 min read
Corvette Restomod Build Has 700-HP And Looks To Kill

This insane car is making more than enough power to push the limits of what a builder can do.

For decades, the second-generation Corvette has been widely regarded as one of America's most predominant classic sports cars for its high-performance options, sleek design, and incredible reputation on the track. High horsepower V8 engines fit in quite well because they make abundant power. Most of the high horsepower 2nd generation Corvettes that you will find usually boast a big-block 427 ci V8 or something similar from the era of big V8s and small sports coupes. However, this vehicle boasts something far more intimidating under the hood.

Check out an awesome restomod Vette here.

That intense engine is a 6.2-liter supercharged Chevy LT4 V8 engine that produces over 700 horsepower. This insane race car can achieve a top speed of around 160 mph with all of that power. This is all made possible by a 4L75E transmission which allows for smooth and intelligent transitions between gears making for a fabulous drivetrain addition. All of that intense power is sent to a set of 19" wheels which also recon back to the time when these cars were initially produced. While some may disapprove of using this incredibly famous sports coupe in such an in-depth resto-mod, this car does exactly what it was made to do, go fast and look good doing it.

You won't find much modification on the outside as the styling was pretty much perfect from the factory, according to the owner. He sees it as "the American James Bond car" as it shows off a subtle and sleek exterior design while also having tons of power and performance gadgets. We certainly agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, as the car presents an intense focus on style and class while retaining the kind of fun-loving attitude that only true automotive enthusiasts will understand. This is an insane car with tons of extraordinary performance under the hood and plenty of attention to detail throughout the build. We hope to see more cars like this in the future as the popularity of resto-mods continues to rise.

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