Don Garlits' Collector Cars At Mopar Show

Dec 5, 2022 2 min read
Don Garlits' Collector Cars At Mopar Show

Here’s an example of a great enthusiast event.

There are a few communities within the classic car and muscle car worlds that have become quite prominent for their intermingling and ability to get a lot of things done together. Depending on your interests he could be the LS community, GM Fanbase, Ford group, or the subject of this event , low power. We’ve heard crazy stories from everyone in the car community about these particular types of car people going out and turning their stock 383 V-8 in the supercar slang powerhouses was a little more than parts they found at a swap meet. Well, that’s exactly how the 2022 Mopar show went down when the Don Garlit collection made an appearance.

First of all, there were some pretty cool cars for sale there and some really interesting ones that just decided to show up because of their owners' love for all things automobile. This was definitely the case with one Dodge Challenger Drag pack, an earth shatteringly fast car that reportedly has zero losses on the track, mostly because it never saw the drag strip. One of the funniest things about this car is that the guy recording the vehicle pointed out that the rear tires have more mileage than the front tires. When the owner of this car heard that he let out a very distinct yes sir which you can just feel the memories coming back to the old guy when you hear it.

On top of that if you head over to the swap meet part of the show, you’ll find a myriad of parts specifically for classic Mopars ready to find their place on an automobile. From hoods to fenders, these parts are perfect for anyone with a classic Dodge, Plymouth, or Chrysler that needs some work. Overall, it was an event perfectly aligned with the interest of the Mopar community showcasing many wild muscle cars and providing a sort of market place for these car enthusiasts. As for the rest of us GM or Ford people, we could stand to learn a thing or two from this Mopar show.

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