Dodge Hellcat Races Buick Grand National

Sep 25, 2020 1 min read
Dodge Hellcat Races Buick Grand National

These two titans clash in most epic fashion.

We’ve been fans of the Buick Grand National for a long time, even before the general public suddenly became aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing from the 80s. It’s a great muscle car, but we’ve been itching to see how one would stack up against a Dodge Hellcat. We’ve seen a Buick Grand National with a Hellcat engine, but seeing the two cars face off against each other would be entertaining. Finally our wish comes true in the video accompanying this article.

The 1987 Buick Grand National owner says his car is pushing 425-horsepower to the wheels using the factory block.  That’s not a big stretch considering we’ve seen plenty of fast Grand Nationals with only bolt-on mods, which is exactly what this muscle car is running.

Considering the Grand National famously trounced everything from its fellow GM performance cars and offerings from Mopar and Ford, plus the exotics like Ferraris of the day, it was at the top of the food chain for a time. The all-black appearance from the factory helps the otherwise benign body shape feel at least a little intimidating, but a non-car person wouldn’t be the least bit impressed.

Fatt Cat is a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat from Texas that’s gaining fame on YouTube. The owner has decided to challenge other muscle car owners to races. It’s taken on a Shelby GT500 and a Lamborghini Huracan, among others, but this might be the most interesting of its races yet.

Before you watch the video, know that we here at Motorious don’t endorse or encourage anyone to participate in street races. While it’s cool to see these two muscle cars face off against each other, these guys really should’ve taken it to the track. Only they can answer why they didn’t, but we’re telling our readers that the risk or hurting or killing someone else, not to mention yourself, isn’t worth racing on public roads.

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