Hellcat Buick Grand National Is Beautiful Blasphemy

Dec 31, 2022 2 min read
Hellcat Buick Grand National Is Beautiful Blasphemy

This is a rendering, but it’s based off a real car.

Some people complain that artists’ renderings of cars are ridiculous, serve no purpose, etc. That’s usually when they see a design they don’t like, but just to set the record straight we’d like to share this Hellcat-swapped Buick Grand National rendering. It’s based off the famous project Hell National we covered before, which mixes the potent Mopar engine with the potent 80s GM car. That alone angers the purists, but whatever, we’re all for interesting builds.

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image credit: Facebook

Anyway, Abimelec Design decided to do some renderings of the car completed. If you haven’t seen, the Hell National is a little rough while the owner keeps working out the mechanical kinks. These digital mockups can help determine what kinds of aesthetic direction to go in, because when you’re on a tight budget you don’t have any money to waste on stuff which makes your car look bad.

image credit: Facebook

Thankfully, anyone in the know can immediately identify the car as a Buick Grand National. You don’t want to wipe away the unique look of the vehicle just because you swapped in a big, bad supercharged Hemi V8. While the GNX kind of blended in with so many appliance American cars of the 80s, the black body panels and black trim set it apart. That blacked-out look should absolutely be how this car is in real life once complete.

image credit: Facebook

Some people are wondering why the artist shows Tesla Model S brakes on the rear axle. That’s actually what the Hell National has, while up front are brakes off a Camaro SS. It also rides on BMW wheels like in the rendering. And, if you haven’t guessed by now, that cowl-induction hood is also what the real-life car has at the moment.

image credit: Facebook

However, not all the real-life details are the same in the rendering. That rear spoiler in the rendering is in three pieces, while at the moment the real spoiler is one piece of material (we believe it’s metal, but not sure on that one). Maybe the owner will like what the artist did there and change the design? We’ll see when the Hell National is finally complete.

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