Dodge Challenger Driver Wrecks Running From Police

Jan 10, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Driver Wrecks Running From Police

There’s a moral to this story…

Driving your American muscle car hard in rainy conditions isn’t exactly a good idea. Actually, most cars shouldn’t be pushed hard when street surfaces are slick, especially with improper tires for the job. However, that’s what 55-year-old David Martin of Hesperia, California did recently and now he’s paying a steep price.

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According to police, Martin was behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger in Victorville when officers noted the registration on the car had expired. Instead of just taking the ticket and getting his car registered, the man decided to make a run for it.

This was on December 14 just as a winter storm was rolling in. For Southern California outside of the mountains, a winter storm means it actually rains for a change. Many who are native to the area or have lived there too long are almost paralyzed by the spectacle of rain falling from the sky. But Martin decided he could drive his Challenger like it was stolen and ditch the cops for not keeping his registration current.

During the 6.5-mile chase, the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department claim the man “drove at a high rate of speed.” It came to an abrupt end when Martin hit two other cars. While the occupants of the other vehicles weren’t hurt, Martin was seriously injured in the crash. He was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

It didn’t take long for authorities to realize why Martin ran from police over something so trivial as expired tags. The man is reportedly a felon and they found a firearm in the car, something he absolutely shouldn’t have. Also in the Dodge Challenger was a “clear plastic bag containing suspected methamphetamine.” Likely, he thought cops would sniff all that out just by pulling him over for the expired registration, even though they might not have. By running and in turn crashing, he guaranteed they found everything. Now the man is facing a list of charges.

Source: Victorville Daily Press

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