Chevy C10 Square Body Is A Sleeper Pretending To Be A Work Truck

Sep 1, 2021 1 min read
Chevy C10 Square Body Is A Sleeper Pretending To Be A Work Truck

This Chevy workhorse has turned into a tire-shredding powerhouse.

The Chevy C10 is one of the truck enthusiast community’s favorite small pickup trucks, this is for good reason. Being the original Chevy workhorse, this quick, compact, and powerful utility vehicle has seen it all from hard-working days on the farm to drag racing alike. It would appear that the C10 is as tough as a mule and as quick as a racer which, for many, makes it the perfect daily driver. One of the biggest advantages to owning one of the pioneers of the modern pickup truck is the parts availability and customization options. This build showcases that perfectly, combining the classic square body styling of the 3rd generation C10 with the now saturated aftermarket scene which surrounds trucks like this one to make a monster, it's hard not to admire this thing.

Having begun its life as a simple Chevy work truck, this viscous vehicle was put through hell and back having sustained damage to damn near every single part. The damage was so bad that the frame was slightly bent, the car had rust and scratches for days, it would appear that at some point somebody did a piss poor job trying to cut through it with a blow torch for some reason. It was generally an abused truck, which made it the perfect candidate to become what it is today.

Under the hood is a 432 ci re-sleeved LS3 V8 which is pushing out an astonishing 669-horsepower to the rear wheels. All of that power is sent directly through a GearStar Pro 4L80E automatic transmission which allows for incredibly fast gear changes and near-instant power progression. This low-slung truck has effectively been given the name Boomhauer which seems to fit the truck's “redneck fun” attitude. The reason behind the name is because of the exhaust which makes use of boom tubes that were originally designed for NASCAR use. This truck is absolutely wicked and we hope to see more of our new friend Boomhauer soon.

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