You can run, but you can’t hide?

Running from the cops is a dumb idea, but it’s even dumber when you don’t know the street layout of the area. Most officers/deputies patrol the streets so much they get to know every nook and cranny, giving them quite the advantage versus someone like this Dodge Charger driver. After a deputy in Georgia tries pulling the Mopar muscle car over on the highway, the suspect tries losing the fuzz on surface streets only to be thwarted by none other than the dread dead end.

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The traffic stop begins pretty blandly. After calling in the plate, the deputy activates his lights and the Charger pulls progressively from the left to the right lane, signaling every lane change. Maybe had the suspect just pulled onto the shoulder, been cordial with the deputy, and kept a level head he might have only gotten away with a warning.

Then again, this guy might have warrants for his arrest and he knows it, so stopping for law enforcement is the consequences of his actions he’ll got to extreme lengths to avoid. Just when it looks like he’s slowing down to pull over, the guy drops the hammer and shows the deputy his Charger is faster, easily pulling away. However, the Deputy doesn’t disappear quietly into that good night, so the suspect has to pull out another trick.

Exiting the highway, the suspect still signals like an obedient driver, even though he’s running from the law. We’ve seen this type of behavior over and over, it’s the exact opposite of blacking out while running, and it still makes us laugh. After all, the suspect is only making it easier for the deputy to run him down.

None of this really matters because the guy cuts his lead down to nothing in a hurry by choosing a side street that terminates in a dead end. Instead of hurrying after, the deputy waits for backup to arrive, realizing there’s going to be a search on foot. When you see the low effort these guys put into running away, it’s understandable why the deputy wasn’t in a hurry. Is this all the result of kids not playing outside much anymore? Are criminals able to do less physically, so foot chases just aren’t all that exciting?

Check out the video for yourself.

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