C7 Corvette Crash Almost Kills Truck Driver

Oct 17, 2022 2 min read
C7 Corvette Crash Almost Kills Truck Driver

Unfortunately, the C7 driver wasn’t so lucky…

A dramatic crash involving a C7 Corvette almost killed the driver of a Ryder truck when an electrical transformer was flung through the box truck’s windshield. The collision happened at about 1 pm on October 11 in Macomb County, Michigan. Sadly, police say the 34-year-old driver of the ‘Vette died after the accident.

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According to the Ryder driver, the Corvette driver was trying to pass him when he lost control of the sports car, slid sideways, and hit a utility pole. The collision not only literally tore the C7 in half, it broke the pole, sending the transforming crashing into the truck’s cab.

The driver of the Ryder truck didn’t want to be identified or interviewed on camera by one local station. However, he told the report on the scene that had he been leaning over at all instead of sitting straight up at the time of the collision, he believes he would’ve died. Looking at how the transformer landed, crushing most of the windshield, he’s probably right. Chalk it up to a miracle if you want, the guy is lucky to have survived.

People who live in the area told a reporter the street has been a problem area for years. They claim plenty of drivers exceed the speed limit, putting themselves and others at risk. Sadly, things didn’t turn out well for this C7 Corvette driver.

As for the Ryder driver, he commented that he wished people would have more respect for those driving large trucks. We know from experience many people on the road love to tailgate and cut off commercial trucks, treating them like they’re a complete hinderance and nuisance. We don’t know all the details of this crash, and police are still investigating this, but it serves as a good reminder to not drive too fast or get overly aggressive with big trucks.

Sources: Fox 2 Detroit, Click On Detroit

Images via YouTube

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