Dead Chevy Bel Air Brought Back To Life

Oct 31, 2021 1 min read
Dead Chevy Bel Air Brought Back To Life

This was after years of sitting in a grassy grave…

After years of sitting this 1957, Chevrolet Bel Air has finally been rescued from its grassy grave. Once used as a race car, supposedly in the ’70s, it appears that the car was parked and left for dead in a field to rot. Finally, it will see the dark asphalt of a fresh road once again thanks to its new owner who is dedicated to making it run again. Under the hood is a 327ci Chevy Small Block connected to what appears to be a Turbo-400, this former race car must have been a track beast. Let's hope this thing will run once it's pulled out of the grass.

Unfortunately, for the new owner, the first attempt made at having the car start was a bust. After giving the engine all of the necessary fluids the team began work on trying to get the car fired up. While the Bel Air did not start immediately, an audible sound eluded to an issue on the inside of the motor. Eventually, the team did get the car to start, but only for a few seconds at a time. The issue seemed to be a stuck valve, luckily their strategy of powering through it and continuing to crank the engine until the problem worked itself out worked perfectly.

So we've established that the car does run, however, the engine isn't receiving fuel at this point. This was easily solved via the use of an electric fuel pump and a Jerrycan. Finally, it was time to take the Bel Air out for a drive. After getting the engine running and idling the team decided to drive the vehicle around the field, this immediately proved quite difficult due to the lack of an accelerator pump. This ride proved to be particularly difficult to finish on the field, they’ll have to finish it in the shop so we’ll see how it goes.

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