Corvette Plant Tours To Resume This Year

Sep 28, 2022 2 min read
Corvette Plant Tours To Resume This Year

It's hard to believe it's been so long...

The name Corvette is one of absolute legend in the automotive community for many reasons, primarily concerning its incredible performance in history on the racing track. Originally built in the 1950s to compete with small European sports cars, the ‘Vette eventually took on the name of its own after some truly astonishing feats. Nowadays the car is something completely different, looking like a spaceship in comparison to the older models. So it would make sense that the Corvette plant in Kentucky has become one of the hottest spots for car enthusiasts to visit and see just how the Chevy went from a petite sports car to a full-blown rocket ship in the span of just over seven decades. For a while now the place has been closed down but finally it's looking like it's ready to take on new visitors and inspire a whole new generation of American  Corvette fans.

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Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the incredibly massive Corvette Assembly Plant was once visited by thousands every year. This incredible property spans 1.7 million square feet which is something that you can't even really understand until you've seen it in person. Unfortunately unless you did that before 2017 you would not have been able to take a tour of the facility. That year the factory was closed for tourists for some renovations before eventually being further postponed due to complications with covid. All of this is to say that fans of the brand have been tirelessly hungry for their chance to take a look at how the Corvettes are built on the factory assembly line. Especially with the arrival of the C8 just a few years ago.

Now enthusiasts might have a chance to finally see one of the coolest cars to come out of the past decade being assembled right before their very eyes. This all comes from an announcement that stated guests will be able to purchase tickets for tours of the facility starting on November 1st 2022. These tours will begin sometime before the end of this year which is something that will surely excite fans of the brand Across the Nation. All that's left to be done is for customers to line up and take their ticket to see a true American landmark of automotive History.

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