Few activities are more patriotic than climbing into a classic American pickup truck, then ripping a huge, smokey burnout. And while the video we present today is of old Ford trucks roasting rubber and doing some sick donuts, these could have been Chevrolets, GMCs, or Dodges and we would be just as happy. Admittedly, we would’ve been even more gleeful to see some Studebakers, International Harvesters, and other more obscure classic trucks out there, but that’s another issue entirely.

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You probably already know that doing burnouts and donuts in a pickup is different than in a muscle car or similar vehicle. After all, unless you’re carrying several bushels of apples to make pies (which is also incredibly patriotic) there isn’t much weight over the drive axle. It’s the same principle that makes driving a 2WD truck on snowy roads more of a challenge.

image credit: YouTube

So you have to admire the fact none of these guys struggle to control their truck. We imagine they all know their vehicle incredibly well and have practiced doing burnouts and donuts, so they’re not like the idiots doing street takeovers who regularly wreck out and try to act like that’s what they were planning all along.

We also suspect many Europeans are secretly jealous of Americans when they see videos like this. After all, we know how to really cut loose and have some fun with our cars and trucks. The more uptight Europeans are probably wringing their hands over the tire smoke supposedly killing trees or some nonsense like that.

image credit: YouTube

At one point the cameraman gets close to a truck that’s just kicking up clouds of smoke to see a young kid in the cab (next to the driver, of course) and that kid looks to be having a great time. This is wholesome, family-friendly fun we can definitely get behind.

Check out the video and enjoy.

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