Hellcat-Infused C10 Is The Ultimate Muscle Truck

Oct 13, 2021 2 min read
Hellcat-Infused C10 Is The Ultimate Muscle Truck

This Hellcat-swapped Chevy C-10 Cat-Killer will knock down any demons foolish enough to pull up next to it.

It’s no secret that Dodge is all about power, and their special Hellcat line are some of the best performance cars out there but what would happen if you took that big beefy engine and put it in something about 800lbs lighter? You don't have to take out your floor mats and liners, you just have to have the right setup.

Well, that's exactly the question that was answered with this Hemi-swapped Chevy C-10, with a whopping 745-horsepower at only 3000-ish lbs with floor mats and liners, this thing is an absolute Demon (pun very much intended) on the track. The Chevy C10 is and has been an American icon for decades, oftentimes bringing back a strong feeling of nostalgia and memories of that time your buddy Dale jumped a canyon in one of these bad boys while chuggin’ a case of Natty Light.

However, not all trucks are made equal and this truck truly does show that. One look at this beautiful black behemoth and its blisteringly bountiful ballistic ability to blow you away will give you chills down your spine as you stare into that grille that looks like a deranged mad man smiling back at you with an aggressive and malice intent.

In all seriousness this is one of the absolute coolest Hemi-swaps to date, I know what you're thinking and yes this thing can hold the power. All suspension and brake components have been upgraded to fit the 745-hp muscle truck, so your floor mats and liners aren't sliding around. It’s got 6 piston brakes in the front and 4-piston brakes in the rear and that's not even the best part. The thing's riding on an air suspension! So not only have you got an American Icon Chevy C10 pick-up truck with 745 horsepower that can stop on a dime, but you also get to have that aggressive look that comes with a sick low riding super truck. This exciting build is one of the cleanest and ambitious Hemi-swaps to ever hit the car scene and we hope to see many more like it in the future.

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