Classic Dodge Charger With Mud Tires Confuses All

May 6, 2021 2 min read
Classic Dodge Charger With Mud Tires Confuses All

Why would you do such a thing to a classic?

Before anyone becomes enraged by the picture of a classic Dodge Charger hacked up and fitted with massive low-profile mud tires, everyone needs to know the picture is a digital rendering. It’s done so well we expect many readers won’t realize at first it’s not a real-world build, so we want to diffuse that bomb up front. Now, let’s analyze why the graphic designer who created this monstrosity, Instagram user wb.artist20, did such a thing.

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Actually, the guy made a statement upfront as well about this rendering, probably because he knew it would trigger a lot of people. According to him, “there is no logic to what I did to this Charger, so don’t try to make sense of it!” He goes on to explain he thought slapping he big mud tires on it would make the Mopar muscle car look “mean” – as if it doesn’t in factory spec.

Well, we’re still going to try making sense of this rendering, but as you’re about to see the designer’s advice is solid. First off, cutting up the fenders on a classic like this is about the dumbest financial move you could make. There are many other far more affordable muscle cars like an SN95 Mustang you could do this to.

The next item to bring up is we’re not sure this thing could turn with these big tires and wheels installed, not a the pictured ride height. Not only that, even with the fenders hacked severely, this Mopar would need to have the stiffest, most punishing suspension to avoid tire rub when this thing rolls over any bumps.

Speaking of a punishing ride, usually you want big sidewalls on tires like these because otherwise the huge wheels and hardly any flex in the tires translates into a herniated back disc. Plus, the beauty of mud tires is you can air them down for rolling through soft mud, with the big sidewalls helping to create a larger contact patch. These tires wouldn’t do that.

Yes, we’re over analyzing this rendering and it’s completely silly – the rendering, that is. But hey, it’s all just for good fun, just like wb.artist20 said. But one thing we just can’t approve of: the alterations to the front grille. That just crossed a line.

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