Classic Cars And Airplane Hangar Consumed By Fire

Oct 3, 2023 1 min read
Classic Cars And Airplane Hangar Consumed By Fire

This just keeps happening…

Another classic car collection has been destroyed by fire, this time in Douglas County, Colorado. We see this kind of thing happen often and it should be a reminder to anyone with a collection to invest in some automatic fire prevention system(s) lest this happens to you.

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According to KQEN, the classic cars were being stored in an airplane hangar in Charter Oaks, an unincorporated community located west of Roseburg. It broke out at about 7:45 pm on September 18, spreading rapidly as cars make for excellent fuel in any fire.

Callers to the Douglas County Fire District reported that not only had the fire grown quite large rapidly, there were multiple explosions. Those could’ve been from bottled items that acted as fuel, the kinds of things you usually keep around for vehicle maintenance.

By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the airplane hangar was fully engulfed in flames and the inferno was spreading rapidly to a nearby field, potentially putting other structures in the area at jeopardy. Thankfully, fire crews were able to contain the brush fire, which burned about half an acre.

Another hangar near the first one was saved but sustained some exterior damage. We don’t know what was inside that one, perhaps more cars but possibly airplanes or who knows. But we do know the classic car collection was absolutely destroyed in the blaze, despite a response with five fire engines, three water tenders, and a command vehicle.

Had the airplane hangar that was acting as storage for the classic car collection been outfitted with a fire suppression system, that might’ve put out the initial flames or at least kept them from spreading so rapidly. Fire detection with remote alert, something which is quite readily available these days, would’ve also helped.

Image via KQEN

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