Fire Destroys Washington Man’s Car Collection

Aug 8, 2022 2 min read
Fire Destroys Washington Man’s Car Collection

He also lost his home…

Life comes at you fast, which is why we try following Ferris Bueller’s sage advice and stop to look around once in a while so we don’t miss it. This means cherishing where you are and what you have now, because in the blink of an eye everything can change. Unfortunately for a man in Washington state, that change was negative as a fire wiped out his collection of over 20 cars and his house.

See a Corvette prototype burn to the ground here.

A local report details out how Manny Roco isn’t just a car collector, he restores collectable vehicles fulltime. Unfortunately, on July 30 breezy, hot conditions helped spread a fire quickly, the man escaping from his home with only the shorts and sandals he was wearing. Everything else was lost.

As a reporter visited the man’s property, Roco was saying he thinks he can salvage a few of the cars. The rest have been charred to the point they’re only good for scrap. His house looks just as bad, if not worse. Thankfully, neighbors, family, and friends have stepped up to help in the time of need.

Even with this awful situation in front of him, it doesn’t sound like Roco has become bitter or defeatist. He told the reporter he was glad he got out alive and uninjured. He also was grateful his wife wasn’t home when the fire hit, so she was safe.

Roco was also grateful for his neighbor who called him when she smelled smoke. The man was asleep on the couch, enjoying his Saturday afternoon, so if his neighbor hadn’t reached out there’s no telling what might have happened. Roco believe his neighbor literally saved his life.

Investigators say the fire started at a nearby property but don’t know exactly what sparked it.

Source and images: KING 5

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