Classic Car Shop With Several Cars On The Grounds Destroyed In Michigan

Sep 10, 2021 1 min read
Classic Car Shop With Several Cars On The Grounds Destroyed In Michigan

A collection of classic cars were destroyed by flames near Traverse City, Michigan.

According to authorities, fire is responsible for destroying about a dozen classic cars at a restoration speciality shop near Traverse City, Michigan as the week started. During the early Sunday hours   over the weekend, sensors triggered an alarm of fire in the shop, and firefighters responded, but not before several cars were destroyed beyond saving first.

“It's sad to see that kind of loss,” Grand Traverse Metro Fire Chief Pat Parker told the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

The tragedy might have been lessened, maybe even dramatically, but unfortunately, the firefighters didn’t have the tools the needed to do their jobs, the main one being: water. Grand Traverse Metro Fire Chief Pat Parker said there was no water that could be easily accessed for the firefighters to fight the fire and possibly save some if not all of the classic cars. Water had to be trucked to the site to control the flames.

At least five different townships responded to help with water to fight the flames, but by the time the responders were able to reach the scene, many of the vehicles were already a total loss. It would be safe to say there was no fire suppressant system inside the building that may have prevent the damage entirely. There’s no word yet as to the cause of the fire, but Motorious has reached out to officials for more information and will update when more information becomes available.

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