Chrysler 300 Has A Demon Heart

Mar 14, 2024 1 min read
Chrysler 300 Has A Demon Heart

This is quite the sleeper…

While the Chrysler 300 SRT is no performance slouch, it’s not anything near what you get with a Hellcat or many other muscle cars on the market. That’s why we’re fascinated with this build where a guy dropped a Dodge Demon powertrain into his Chrysler, making for one hell of a sleeper that’s sure to shock plenty of unsuspecting people.

These guys decided to use a Demon engine and running gear instead of doing a Hellcat swap because, as they say, they like the strength of the engine components more. We think it’s all about the crazy power and exclusivity of the Demon, which we’re sure was also a factor. Whatever the reason, this build is the kind we like to see.

Even better, this Chrysler 300 Demon was done in the Land Down Under. That’s right, in Australia American muscle has an exotic flavor, although with the long line of muscle cars made in the island nation back in the day they have a familiar quality about them as well. Also, they have some Bentleys there and since the modern Chrysler 300’s design is an obvious rip-off of Bentley, there’s that strange European quality in there as well.

Anyway, we think it’s great that people in Australia are enjoying the insane performance modern Hemi V8s provide. The fact they’re brave enough to swap a Demon’s engine into a Chrysler shows they have the right spirit and there is hope for them after all.

If you watch the entire video, the guy at Dontex, the shop which did this build, runs through a lot of the technical aspects of the car. While that’s interesting, we would also like to see it in action doing a big burnout and some quarter-mile runs. Maybe they’ll do that next? Anyway, check it out.

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