This is a cool look behind the curtain.

Around 100 local Australians lined the streets recently to watch the filming of a chase scene for an upcoming Liam Neeson movie. The new action film, Blacklight, is said to center around a "troubled off-the-books fixer for the FBI, tasked with pulling undercover agents out of dangerous situations.”

Despite the decision, which is reportedly due to the pandemic, to film the car chase scene in Canberra, Australia, the film will be set in America and CGI will be implemented to digitally transform the city into the streets of Washington. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of official information about the film or its release date yet, but until a teaser is released, would-be movie goers will have to rely on this unofficial footage of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat tearing through the city's streets, chasing a garbage truck without context.

Action-packed footage shows the monstrous garbage truck barrelling through the streets, rolling up on curbs, and crashing into things, seemingly trying to lose the pursuing Hellcat who graciously slides around all of the obstacles. Though not at all as dramatic as the chase will undoubtedly be once it makes it to the big screen, the video of the new Dodge effortlessly slinging around corners and drifting into the turns does not disappoint.

As previously mentioned, details of the movie are murky at best and it is unclear whether Liam Neeson will be shown behind the wheel of this Challenger, the trash truck, or neither. One thing is for sure though. He wasn’t driving in Australia. Those fancy driving skills are that of a stunt double that is being filmed by the same team that did the stunts for Mad Max: Fury Road.

If you are like us, you can probably hardly wait for the new film to come out but don’t hold your breath because it might be a while and you can more than likely expect the release date to be delayed. Fast & Furious 9 and James Bond's No Time to Die were both scheduled to be out by now but the pandemic delayed them until later in 2021 and it wouldn’t be surprising if Blacklight’s release date gets pushed back as well.

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