Dodge Wants To Pay You To Drive A Hellcat

Dec 5, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Wants To Pay You To Drive A Hellcat

No, this isn’t some sort of joke, we think…

By now you no doubt have heard about Dodge’s new Never Lift campaign that’s supposed to get you excited for more factory performance options. What you probably haven’t heard about is that the brand is looking to hire a Chief Donut Maker and pay that lucky person $150,000 a year to drive a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at events. It’s basically a dream job for us and we can imagine most of you feel the same way, especially since Dodge says it’ll schedule your tire-burning assignments around your day job.

Check out a Dodge Hellcat stolen in under 8 minutes here.

This is supposed to help advertise some new consumer program Dodge is calling “Brotherhood of Muscle.” We can’t wait for people to get bent out of shape about how that supposedly excludes female enthusiasts.

Anyway, the Chief Donut Maker will be acting as an ambassador, helping to bridge the gap between Dodge brass that really wants to make an electric muscle car so they can look cool to their friends and the core Dodge fanbase which just wants more really awesome muscle cars like Dodge has been making. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of a person they choose for this job, whether it’s an average, everyday Joe or if they jump the shark and end up hiring some YouTuber so they can leverage their following.

Whoever gets selected not only gets that healthy salary, which is great for a side job, as well as a Hellcat to drive, they also receive a wardrobe for the events and, wait for it, business cards. Yeah, apparently those things haven’t gone completely out of fashion even though they’re probably being targeted as disease vectors right now.

Before you dash off to apply for this illustrious job, Dodge isn’t ready to select a Chief Donut Maker quite yet. The automaker is going to drop more details about what it’s all about on January 12, 2022. Until then, you might want to start working on your tire roasting skills.

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