Car Goes Flying Off California Freeway

Nov 19, 2023 2 min read
Car Goes Flying Off California Freeway

This is absolutely terrifying!

A California man driving his truck with his family inside early one morning had the scare of his life as a car launched off a nearby freeway and crashed in the road, nearly hitting the truck. The surreal scene was caught on video by the man’s dashcam, capturing both his wife and 11-year-old daughter screaming at the shocking realization of how close of a brush they had with death.

There was a similar incident also in California not too long ago. See it here.

Everything happened on July 15, the car in question traveling down Highway 99. According to reports, it traveled 50 feet while in the air. Just before the incident, California Highway Patrol says the car had been in a hit-and-run accident which left it turned around and driving in reverse at excessive speeds.

image credit: YouTube

We wouldn’t be surprised to find out the driver either had a medical emergency or was under the influence of something at the time of this accident. After all, who in their right mind slams their car into reverse and speeds down the highway?

The dashcam video starts off incredibly boring as the family drives down a street in Yuba City, California while listening to country music. They were debating taking the trailer hitched up to the truck home or going to get some breakfast, finally settling on dropping off the trailer first. That meant taking them on the pathway which would lead to almost being part of a serious accident.

image credit: YouTube

Thankfully, the driver only sustained minor injuries in the crash. We consider that a miracle since the car looks like a meteor before it ended up on its roof. Also, the car just missed the overhead power lines. The man who took the video said he got out and extinguished a small fire starting, a move which might have saved the driver’s life.

What’s truly frightening about this video, other than the wife and daughter screaming, is the fact everything looks like so many normal, everyday parts of the United States. This could’ve happened anywhere, acting as a reminder that each time we get behind the wheel we need to be alert and ready for the unexpected.

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