Car Community Steps Up For Two Orphaned Kids

Jul 13, 2022 2 min read
Car Community Steps Up For Two Orphaned Kids

We’re not crying, just something was in our eye…

Far too often, those who don’t really know the gearhead community or who have only had one or two bad interactions accuse enthusiasts of being greedy and materialistic. That’s a lazy accusation to make against anyone whose hobby involves collecting and taking care of something material, but it so often sticks. But stories like this one of car enthusiasts in Alberta, Canada stepping up big time to take care of two kids after their parents were killed shows off the true heart of the hobby we love.

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In a flash, Brent and Nicole Keryluke, parents to a young son and daughter, were killed in a motorcycle accident. That left Brent’s parents to raise their grandchildren who both have hearing problems and require expensive medical care.

With the medical bills piling up, Brent’s parents were forced to part ways with their late son’s beloved 1973 Pontiac Parisienne. That decision was tough considering it was always Brent’s dream to pass the classic car down to his children. Still, their health and well-being came first, so they contacted a local auction company and had the Pontiac listed.

When the car went up on the auction block, the grandparents and grandchildren stood next to the auctioneer who halfway through the auction told the crowd where the money from the sale would go. That changed everything for those bidding on the Pontiac. One man won the car for the final bid of $29,000 but immediately donated the Parisienne back to the auction house. Then another won it at $30,000 and did the same thing. Finally, a man put in the top bid for the car at $20,000 and gave it back to the Keryluke family.

Ultimately, the grandparents not only were able to keep the Pontiac, they raised over $100,000 after others donated additional money. It was an emotional moment and a shining example of how big of a heart automotive enthusiasts have.

We know this story is from 2018, but it’s too good to not tell and Motorious didn’t exist back then. Plus, with all the strife and malice flying around in the world today, it’s good to remember these touching stories to help remember not everyone is out for blood.

Source: Global News

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