1966 Mercury Montclair Abandoned In A Barn For 26 Years

Jul 13, 2022 2 min read
1966 Mercury Montclair Abandoned In A Barn For 26 Years

And it needs a bath…

When we meet this descendant of Mercury, it's easy to think of the car as little more than a run-down old clunker. Dust and rust were both extremely prevalent frequent fliers on this old automobile which is why it was in such dire need of a wash. Recently obtained by a channel specializing in vintage vehicle detailing, this Mercury Montclair is finally being given the excellent treatment it deserves. As decades of the first fall from every piece of the car, we see history unfold as countless stories reveal themselves.

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One such story is that of John Vlahos, one of the original owners of this car and a highly respected screenwriter. He primarily operated in the golden age of television, which meant that everything was done live. This likely turned the man into a perfectionist due to the lack of editing, cuts, or bloopers, which shows on the car despite its age. Even after decades of sitting, the paint on the body still seems in pretty good condition, while the interior still retains its pearly white color scheme. However, there is also much work to be done on the vehicle as it was abandoned by the most recent previous owner due to transportation issues.

The front wheels have all but rotted off the car, the tires following shortly, the years of dust have begun to sink into the paint, and the interior leather is heavily worn. Some of these issues are easily fixed with some primer and sanding, but due to the thin paint levels on the body, it will likely need a full repaint. This is pretty standard for a classic car and makes cleaning up under the hood even more difficult. Rather than the monstrous sound of a V8 filling the bay, a set of birds, mice, and other rodent animals have taken residency within the vehicle. However, when all was said and done, the car looked almost as good as it did in the 1960s. The car was originally going to be donated to the new owner. Still, after seeing the fantastic condition of his new beloved classic, he contributed to the detailer's charity of choice, the AAAP, an afterschool art program for kids.

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