Canadian Police Make $10 Million Car Theft Bust

Apr 4, 2023 2 min read
Canadian Police Make $10 Million Car Theft Bust

Members of an international car theft ring were arrested…

Car theft is a huge problem not only here in the United States but also in Canada. Putting a dent in the trend is the conclusion of an operation police in the Peel Region of the Greater Toronto Area call Project R&R. The end result was about $10,000,000 CAD in stolen vehicles seized and four people arrested.

Learn more about Ottawa’s car theft problem here.

Those 78 stolen vehicles were likely bound for Montreal where they would’ve been loaded into shipping containers and sent to either Africa or the Middle East. Among them were pricey luxury models like Range Rovers, an item so popular with thieves some insurance companies won’t insure them in London, UK.

According to police, the car theft ring members would target cars parked at Pearson International Airport, different underground parking lots, and those left in residential driveways overnight. We’ve seen similar tactics all over the place. Thieves love stealing in situations where they believe there’s little risk of being interrupted.

Not all the cars were stolen as they sat empty. Peel Police Chief Nishan Duraippah told the media the Peel Region might be the busiest area in the country when it comes to carjackings. That’s not the kind of award any municipality wants to win.

In the coordinated bust, police elsewhere intercepted over 25 shipping containers with stolen cars loaded inside. Those containers were all over, including in locations as far away as Germany and Spain.

This is yet another example of how car theft isn’t just a local problem but instead is something fueled by international theft rings. Those rings often have their hands in other crimes, including shoplifting and drugs. It’s up to lawmakers, law enforcement, and others involved in the capture and prosecution of members of these theft rings to do what’s necessary to actually break them. We doubt operations like Project R&R do more than just put a dent in these organizations, but it’s still important to celebrate even the smallest of victories while keeping the bigger picture in perspective.

Source: Toronto City News

Image via Peel Regional Police

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