$1.4 Million Worth Of Cars Stolen in Montreal

Mar 2, 2023 1 min read
$1.4 Million Worth Of Cars Stolen in Montreal

Five people have been arrested.

Recently there’s been a string of thefts, 14 of them to be exact, of Ram and Dodge vehicles which seemed a little bit too close in detail. Something that the Edmonton police picked up on pretty quickly, these trucks were all being taken for various uses all in the same way. From Edmonton to Montreal something I was up to the cops were determined to get to the bottom of it. It may have seemed like a long and arduous journey, but now a new discovery has been made which may lead to the end of such auto theft rings.

It all started when a team known as the targeted response to automotive theft prevention connected all 14 of these with one another. A pretty big accusation on its own, it was going to be a hard case to prove. However, they came out on top with five suspects who are currently in custody and those trucks to back up the case. Without a doubt, the alleged thieves in question are a huge part of the puzzle but one thing that might make it pretty difficult to deny or those vehicles having been found.

Some of the TRXs were found in shipping containers around the west Edmonton area while others were uncovered at a Montreal port. All of this is not even to mention the fact that some of the vehicles have been found outside of the country. If you’re up-to-date on your knowledge of American automobiles, then you’ll know that most of them are made in Canada. So even stolen models wouldn’t look completely out of place and anywhere in North America. It seems that for the case like this, these five suspects being detained should put a stop to the theft ring shown here but the question remains as to whether or not those vehicles will ever be recovered.

Source: Global News

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