Camaro Driver Shows Off, Crowd Almost Pays The Price

Dec 5, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Driver Shows Off, Crowd Almost Pays The Price

He almost did a Mustang!

After countless hours of research, we’ve noticed a trend you probably are well aware of: too many Mustang drivers plow into crowds while leaving car meets. Fans of the pony car can get all bent out of shape about this fact and try explaining its existence away or argue it’s not reality, but we’ve all seen the evidence over and over. That’s why it was amazing to watch a guy behind the wheel of this 6th-gen Camaro almost do a Mustang while leaving a meet, narrowly missing plowing into a crowd of innocent bystanders on the side of the road.

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Shared on Instagram by lsx.videos, the short clip is hilarious because nobody was hurt. The driver is making a right turn at an intersection, with people standing on the nearest corner and also in a group not too far from the corner. As he goes through the turn, the guy hits it to show off for the crowd, who obviously are loving getting cool content for their social media influencer accounts or whatever.

However, the back end breaks loose. We’re guessing either the driver isn’t all that experienced with his Camaro or he just wasn’t paying attention, maybe instead was thinking about all the chicks he was going to impress as everyone uploaded the video of him driving like a boss.

Thankfully, as the muscle car careens toward the curb where four individuals are gathered on the grass strip and sidewalk, the driver regains control. It could have been far worse, so maybe the guy has some experience with this ride but just wasn’t dialed in all the way for a moment.

Not wanting to take a chance, the guy closest to the curb jumps back as the front passenger-side wheel makes impact. We don’t think his move would’ve saved him had the driver not already regained control. Ultimately, instead of maiming or killing multiple people, the Camaro owner might need to pay for an alignment and maybe to correct some curb rash. We hear that’s a good way to meet chicks who are having the same thing done to their soccer mommy SUV.

Anyway, check out the video for yourself.

Images via Instagram

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