Camaro Passed Down To New Generation Of Gearhead

Dec 5, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Passed Down To New Generation Of Gearhead

Vice Grip Garage might have a new member with the rate things are going.

Dads are great, they show you the world for what it is, take care of you, and can make you feel really cool about yourself sometimes. Another thing dads are always great out is giving their kids gifts, usually because the mom is the more sensible one in the arrangement . Well, that’s exactly what this father did for his son when it was time to pass down something that was really important to her. You might know what we’re talking about or you might not but the heartwarming story that just came out of the vice grip garage might just have you tearing up.

To put things in a context, the main host of the vice grip garage is a Father’s as well as a car guy. He teaches his kids all about cars along with the Internet and longform videos that combine excitement and knowledge to make a platform unlike anything else. This is exactly why he has amassed a following of about 1.27 million subscribers as of writing this. It’s clear that passing down his knowledge is important to him which is exactly why he gave his son one of the most astounding gifts a young boy can receive, a car.

Not just any car of course, but an actual 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. No, it’s not exactly pristine nor is it gonna be the kind of car that lasts forever with no work. Rather it’s something for him and his son to build as he gets older which will make him a better car guy and more knowledgeable as the years go by. He might only be 12 years old but by the time he’s ready to get behind the wheel, probably around 15 or 16, he’ll know more than some professional mechanics have been in the industry for their entire lives. Overall it’s a touching story that lets the dad give a great gift to his son without the typical disadvantage of spoiling the kid. Hopefully, as time goes on, we’ll all get to see the boy progress through his journey to become just as knowledgeable, resourceful, and vigilant as his dad.

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