Camaro Going 157 MPH Causes Deadly Crash In Texas

Apr 6, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Going 157 MPH Causes Deadly Crash In Texas

This is so senseless…

According to Fort Worth Police, on March 15 at about 11 pm, 22-year-old Bryce Abernathy was driving his Chevy Camaro on westbound Interstate 20 at 157 mph when he slammed into the back of a silver Lincoln crossover. The violent wreck killed 19-year-old Shaundi Kyree Smallwood and injured two other passengers in the Lincoln. Abernathy, however, wasn’t reportedly injured. Instead, he was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of manslaughter.

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Police say they were able to read the airbag control module from the Camaro, which indicated how fast Abernathy was going at the time of the crash. Now a family is left mourning the loss of Smallwood in a senseless crash.

There’s no indication in the reports that Abernathy was racing another car, but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was. Too often, guys in performance cars go out looking to show other guys in performance cars what they can do while traveling urban highways. To race in such conditions, both drivers have to weave through the dense traffic constantly. It’s incredibly selfish and dangerous, but we personally have witnessed these kinds of situations more times than we can count.

We hate seeing news like this for several reasons. First off, we drive on public roads with our families and we have loved ones who do the same. That there are people who think because they have a Camaro they have the right to turn roadways into racetracks is just maddening. Nobody should be traveling 157 mph on a public road, especially one that’s crowded with traffic. At that speed, things happen quickly; the smallest wrong move can end tragically.

If you have the need to show what your car can do, take it to the track. Go race other people there where nobody who’s just trying to get home is innocently going the speed limit.

Sources: KWTX, WFAA

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