California Highway Patrol Busts Street Racing Mopars

Apr 22, 2021 2 min read
California Highway Patrol Busts Street Racing Mopars

Take it to the track!

The official CHP – Modesto Facebook page posted on April 18 an image of three Mopar muscle cars confiscated after the drivers decided to race on SR-99. The two Dodge Challengers and Dodge Charger at on tow trucks in the photo, a CHP vehicle sitting next to them. While the muscle cars were headed to an impound lot, the drivers got some fancy bracelets and a free trip to jail.

Sadly, street racers in Central Florida killed an 11-year-old girl recently. Learn more here.

While it’s a serious situation, the CHP – Modesto Facebook page decided to have a little fun at the expense of the suspects. “TIC-TAC-TOW… YOU LOSE,” the caption reads. Fortunately for them, CHP didn’t publish their mugshots and names as well. In fact, they marked over each of the license plates.

CHP – Modesto says it will continue working to cease illegal street racing. No mention is made of exactly how that will be done, but we assume patrolling roads is a key aspect. In every city, citizens calling police dispatch to report street racing and police taking those calls seriously is a critical part of the solution, so we assume CHP follows up on leads.

This incident comes not too long after street racers in Central Florida crashed into a Toyota RAV4, killing an 11-year-old girl in the backseat while leaving the adult occupants in serious and critical condition. Those racers reportedly were only concerned about the damage to their cars, not the loss of life in the other vehicle.

The main highway which runs through Modesto, SR-99 isn’t exactly a barren roadway. We’re not endorsing street racing at all, but the worst possible place to do it is on a crowded highway. Thankfully, California Highway Patrol caught these guys in the act, but we’re sure they don’t catch everyone. Here’s to hoping these guys and maybe some other people learn the lesson to not race on public roads, putting innocent drivers and passengers in danger. Better yet, take it to a track or private, enclosed road where you can race to your heart’s content.

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