Cadillac Makes A CT5 God Of War Special Edition

Nov 17, 2022 2 min read
Cadillac Makes A CT5 God Of War Special Edition

Should such a thing exist in North America?

Every once in a while automakers and entertainment companies will collaborate for a special edition model celebrating some franchise. We can remember when Nissan and Star Wars did such a thing, which to be honest just made us laugh. In China, Cadillac has decided that a CT5 sedan with graphics made to look like the tattoos of the main character of the God of War video game franchise will get consumers salivating.

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This might seem like a weird move because it is. However, considering the Chinese government has tried limiting how much youth play video games, we can also see how this special edition Caddie might do the trick.

GM has been fighting to make inroads into the vast Chinese market for some time, as has just about every foreign automaker. While Buick is quite popular with the Chinese (hence why it was kept around while Pontiac got the axe) Cadillac hasn’t enjoyed the same level of prestige. What better way to gain that than to dress up one as a video game character?

Yes, cosplaying is now a corporate marketing strategy for the automotive industry. When you’re trying desperately to get consumers in the largest automotive market interested in your product, you pull out all the stops.

That explains why 120 buyers will also receive a cool gift box with their purchase of the special edition CT5. Inside is a 1:18 scale model of the Cadillac sedan, a special key ring with the Leviathan axe on it, a limited-edition PlayStation 5 controller, and a God of War-themed nameplate.

With the new God of War game having recently launched, there’s a feverish interest in pretty much anything related to it. Will someone buy this car simply because of that? It’s possible. But it’s only being offered in China, so sorry gamers in North America and elsewhere.

Images via Cadillac

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