VW Bus Begins Path To Restoration

Nov 17, 2022 1 min read
VW Bus Begins Path To Restoration

Pretty soon this van will be back on the road…

Volkswagen has a long history of making some of the strangest, yet most iconic, vehicles in history. Whether it’s the Beetle, which got a name for its economic sportiness and style, or the Bus, these cars are pretty much gold in the minds of many enthusiasts. This particular automobile is an example of one of those hippie dippie people haulers which have taken over much of pop culture. So what exactly happened to this VW that needed to be saved?

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First of all, when examining the body, it’s hard to not notice the apparent rust present across every inch. Decades of sitting in a relatively damp or moist environment will do that. However, the paint seems to still be in good shape, generally giving hope to its new owner. As is always the case with car people, this van almost immediately had the enthusiast hooked. So the next step was getting the old auto out of the barn.

There were some issues getting the bud unstuck from its position, mostly concerned the wheels and tires. Like many classic automobiles, the brakes were all seized up and locked which is less than optimal for moving purposes. With all of this in mind, some people might simply give up on the VW without trying to get it out of the garage. However, he was eventually able to shimmy the bus out of the building and onto a trailer. This VW has finally been given a beautiful new chance at life and it’s got a long restoration ahead.

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