C8 Corvette Driver Involved In Hit And Run

Jun 25, 2021 2 min read
C8 Corvette Driver Involved In Hit And Run

Once again, the shenanigans take place in Canada…

With so few C8 Corvettes out in the wild, it’s tough to see this one mangled in a hit and run in Canada. According to a local report, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Mounties say the driver is believed to have been intoxicated while showing off his mid-engine American sports car on the Helmcken Road on-ramp in View Royal, British Columbia on June 18.

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After police received a call claiming the white C8 Corvette was “stunting” while driving south on the Trans-Canada Highway, they received a second call that the Chevrolet was involved in a crash on the Helmcken Road on-ramp.

Hunting for the car, which doesn’t exactly blend in with the crowd, West Shore RCMP officers located the unnamed 55-year-old driver. Now that person is under investigation for failing to remain at the scene of a crash and impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Even though the local report doesn’t mention it, we’re pretty sure the C8 was impounded as well.

Now police are asking the public if they have any cell phone or dashcam footage of the Chevy Corvette driving recklessly on public roads and/or crashing, then fleeing the scene. We really hate there are people who don’t get that this kind of driving isn’t appropriate for public streets, especially busy roadways where plenty of innocent people just trying to go about their life are put at risk needlessly.

There seems to be a growing trend of reckless driving in Corvettes in Canada, which you can see recently here and here, not that such a thing doesn’t happen in the United States. Still, it’s a strange occurrence since our neighbors to the north have a reputation for being overly nice, not ultra-aggressive, speeding drivers. It goes along with the trend of Dodge Challengers crashing at street takeover events, Ford Mustangs hitting power poles, and Chevrolet Camaros wanting to go for a swim.

Source: Saanich News

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