Learn How To Build A Lego Ford GT

Apr 25, 2024 2 min read
Learn How To Build A Lego Ford GT

Make it for your kid or yourself…

The video we’ve included with this article will walk you through building a super cool Ford GT. As a big bonus, it’s not a difficult build at all, so you don’t need an excessive number of specialty bricks and an advanced degree in engineering to successfully complete it. Unlike some of the Lego kit cars, this one looks quite a bit like the Ford supercar, although it doesn’t have a spot where you can put a minifigure and there are minimal moving parts (hey, it’s an easy build).

Watch a Ford GT race a 1400-hp Mustang here.

A lot of gearheads are fans of Legos, whether they try building cars in their free time or play with the building blocks with their kids or grandkids. For that reason, there are many Lego kits featuring cars, including some Technic sets where the cars actually drive and even have radio controls.

image credit: YouTube

But people are always fining ways to build vehicles without using official Lego sets. It’s really no surprise people have concentrated on the Ford GT, considering it’s such an influential supercar. If you’re a Ford fan, the GT is a source of considerable brand pride as it showcases the most advanced technologies and performance for consumers. Sure, few people can afford the thing and you have to go through a special application process to get one from the factory, but in some ways that adds to its allure.

image credit: YouTube

Plenty of people who aren’t brand loyal or who might not even be big Blue Oval fans still admire the Ford GT. If you’ve seen one in person, they’re impressive in every way, so it’s ok to ogle them. The fact these supercars are inspired in design and spirit by the GT40, the race car everyone today knows from Ford v Ferrari also helps with their popularity.

Whatever your reason for wanting to build a Lego Ford GT, check out the video for the instructions.

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