Barn Find 1987 Buick Grand National Gets Washed

Feb 17, 2021 2 min read
Barn Find 1987 Buick Grand National Gets Washed

Plus, this car has incredibly low miles

The 1980s were a funny time for performance cars in America, but the Buick Grand National was a surprisingly welcome star. Automakers were emerging from the dark days of the 70s, but everything was a far cry from the golden age of muscle cars enjoyed not too long before. That’s why the Grand National with its hard-hitting turbo V6 was an instant hit as demand far outstripped supply.

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It’s understandable why people flocked to buy the Grand National considering in tests it blew the doors off hotter-looking cars, a fact which was splashed all over the pages of automotive magazines at the time. American performance was back and to the shock of many it was Buick leading the charge.

image credit: YouTube

Many of the Grand Nationals were driven hard, modified heavily, and unfortunately crashed in reckless maneuvers. That’s why it’s amazing to see this 1987 Buick Grand National with just 56 miles get rolled out of a garage for its first wash in 34 years. How someone avoided the temptation of hooning the hell out of the car is a mystery. Whatever the reason, this is might one of the most original out there. Considering not even 21,000 Grand Nationals were built for the 1987 model year, which was the biggest production run, it’s no wonder this is a prized find.

Discovered sitting in Columbus, Ohio, the new owner had it hauled on a trailer back to New York City and that’s where AMMO NYC comes into play. As is true with any real barn find, the Buick Grand National is absolutely filthy, hiding how well it’s been preserved. The car gets a full, professional detailing which leaves the exterior and interior absolutely sparkling. This car looks amazing and when it’s revealed to the owner the reaction is priceless.

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