Barn Find Ferrari 512 BBi Gets A Much-Needed Bath

Nov 7, 2021 2 min read
Barn Find Ferrari 512 BBi Gets A Much-Needed Bath

That thing is filthy!

YouTuber Ratarossa has acquired a Ferrari 512 BBi with only 6,420 miles on the odometer, however it’s incredibly dirty after sitting unwashed for 12 years. While your average person might just run such a car through a commercial car or spray it down with a garden hose, the guy knows a special Italian vehicle needs to be treated better. That’s where professional detailers Ammo NYC step in to help this barn find get a proper bath.

Ammo has a lot of experience washing valuable barn find cars. Before anyone starts to disparage the Ferrari 512 BBi, values have been holding overall fairly steady recently and they’re often past the $200,000 mark. In other words, this car definitely is worthy of a professional detailing.

image credit: YouTube

Historically, one of the more significant points of this car is the fact it introduced Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection to replace the carbureted setup used on the 512 BB. Other than that, the flat-12 engine was mechanically the same.

With the engine mounted midship, plus a dry sump and a semimonocoque with fore and aft subframes, the Berlinetta Boxer handles well enough to make it entertaining. A wedge-shaped body from Pininfarina also made it attractive to the average observer.

What many people don’t realize is the Ferrari 512 BBi was the last Ferrari to be made entirely by hand in the traditional Italian way. It marked the end of an era as automaker moved into the increasingly technological landscape of the automotive industry in the 1980s.

Thanks to the pandemic and all the restrictions on travel at the moment, Ammo NYC wasn’t able to fly to the UK to give this Ferrari a proper washing. However, modern technology allowed for Ammo products to be sent to the owner while he gets instructions via FaceTime on how to go through the process. That makes the video a little extra interesting

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