Baldwin Motion LS7 1969 Camaro SS Is 1 Of 1

Dec 23, 2023 2 min read
Baldwin Motion LS7 1969 Camaro SS Is 1 Of 1

Get an in-depth look at one of the rarest Camaros out there…

While many people own and love a first-gen Chevrolet Camaro, only one person owns a Baldwin Motion LS7 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. However, it’s understandable why the owner of Legendary Motorcar was skeptical when some guy he met at the track claimed to be the owner of the 1 of 1 muscle car. After all, some people claim to own or have had their hands on all kinds of rare vehicles, including those which have been in TV shows and movies.

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That claim was proven to be real when the guy brought his rare ride into Legendary Motorcar for a full restoration about 20 years ago. Quickly, everyone realized the ’69 Camaro SS was indeed a Baldwin Motion with a 454ci LS7 under the hood.

Quite a few other changes were made to the Camaro SS other than the bigger engine back in the day, including an upgraded rear, heftier clutch, rear traction bars installed, etc. Those mods were installed for one purpose: to get this muscle car down the drag strip faster.

image credit: YouTube

Baldwin Motion had modified Camaros with the 427 in them, this one was made specially for one customer and was never replicated. The thing quickly became a legend and has been written about many times, making it an enthusiasts’ unicorn. You can see why anyone would be skeptical if some guy they just met claimed to own the car.

The Big Block 427 taken from the Corvette was modified as well. In factory form, it was officially rated at 460-horsepower. However, once Baldwin Motion was done working its magic, it was making 522-hp and almost 600 lb.-ft. of torque. Just for good measure, an M22 Rock Crusher 4-speed transmission and 4.88 Positraction 12-bolt rear were added to the mix, putting that power to the wheels with absolute ferocity.

image credit: YouTube

Ultimately, Legendary Motorcar bought the historic muscle car off the owner and it’s now sitting in their impressive showroom. In other words, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, it’s well worth stopping by and taking a gander.

If you want to see this 1 of 1 Baldwin Motion LS7 1969 Camaro SS in action, just check out the video.

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