1969 Chevrolet Camaro



1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS (GM Heritage Center)

It featured entirely new, more aggressive looking sheet metal and revised grille. Going away was the coke bottle shape, making room for a flatter, wider looking stance.

The Camaro was available in many different configurations, from a standard Sport Coupe, a rubber melting Super Sport, or a track-ready Z/28. The Rally Sport option with hidden headlights, special stripes and wheels, special bucket seats, nice carpeting, and other items could be added as a separate package to any of the models.

The Sport Coupe was longer and wider this year, had bucket seats, carpeting, and improved Astro Ventilation System.

The Z/28 was for the road racing fan. Dual exhausts, special suspension, heavy-duty radiator, quick-ratio steering, and 15x7 inch rally wheels.

The SS was "The One with a Name Like the Hiss of a Snake." Big power, special 3-speed transmission, sport striping, heavy insulated hood.

In 1969, there were three different COPO orders for a Camaro. Order #9560 and #9561 were almost the same cars, but #9560 had one big difference: The engine was all-aluminum, and that is the brutal ZL1 (Fred Gibb Chevrolet was responsible for getting the ZL-1 cars into production). These cars had different variations of the 427ci V8, making up to 425 hp. One of the other COPO numbers was the Yenko Camaro, dreamed up by Don Yenko of Yenko Chevrolet, in which he persuaded Chevy to install the L-72s on the assembly line in a limited number of Camaros later to be known as Yenko.

Production Numbers

Sport Coupe 165,226
Sport Coupe Convertible 17,573
RS 37,773
Z/28 20,302
SS 36,309
ZL-1 69
Total Production 277,453

Performance Specs

Engine Size HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
Turbo-Thrift Six Cylinder 230ci 140 - -
Turbo-Fire V8 327ci 210 - -
Turbo-Thrift Six Cylinder 250ci 155 - -
Turbo-Fire 350 V8 350ci 255 - -
Turbo-Fire V8 Z/28 302ci 290 - 14.7 sec at 95.9 mph
Turbo-Fire V8 350ci 300 - -
Turbo-Jet V8 396ci 325 - 14.2 sec at 97.3 mph
L-72 Yenko 427ci 425 5.4 sec 11.9 Sec at 114.5 mph


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • Special 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Torque Drive
  • Powerglide Automatic
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint & Colors


Dover White
Glacier Blue
Le Mans Blue
Dusk Blue
Olympic Gold
Azure Turqois
Frost Green
Cortez Silver
Garnet Red
Fathom Green
Hugger Orange
Daytona Yellow
Butternut Yellow
Rallye Green
Burnished Brown
Tuxedo Black


Dark Blue
Medium Red
Medium Green
Black Houndstooth
Ivory Houndstooth
Orange Houndstooth
Yellow Houndstooth

OEM Brochures

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