New App Allows UK Citizens To Snitch On Speeders

Apr 15, 2022 2 min read
New App Allows UK Citizens To Snitch On Speeders

It’s also coming to the United States soon…

If you live in the UK, you already deal with plenty of government surveillance of your driving habits. However, a new app called Speedcam Anywhere allows your fellow citizens to become snitches, turning you in for speeding. They say the best way to force people into submission is to turn them against each other, and this new technology seems like a really great way to do that.

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Apparently, all you have to do is take a video of the moving car you suspect is speeding. Software will use DVLA data to identify the make and model, because most people know pretty much nothing about cars. That software will also measure the distance between the front and rear axles, comparing that data to the video footage to determine how fast the car was going. Then the Speedcam Anywhere app will read the vehicle tag, so the person can be reported.

Don’t worry, if you live in the United States and are jealous of all the fun the Brits are having with this technology, it’s reportedly going to be launched here as well.

So far, this handy little snitch app can’t be uses to penalize fellow drivers. You have to hand the information over to the appropriate authorities and they have to do what they will with it. That’s frustrating for all the people who are used to yelling at waiters, clerks, and other people for minor offenses or nothing at all.

If you’re wondering what kind of monster would develop this kind of technology, the answer is simple. A team of artificial intelligence scientists from UK universities as well as Silicon Valley are responsible. You don’t get to know who they are because they want privacy as they encourage people to take videos of each other in an attempt to get them in trouble for supposedly speeding. They think they’re going to save lives, which is the justification for all sorts of crushing measures these days.

Source: Auto Express

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