Adventure Supercar The Marsien Revealed

Jul 16, 2021 2 min read
Adventure Supercar The Marsien Revealed

Is this a new automotive niche?

These days, enjoying your sports car on the open road can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re in a big metro area. It seems like the roads are constantly clogged with people in Hyundai Elantras going 50 in a 75 mph, camping out in the left lane, and in general ruining the driving experience for those who really love to drive. That’s where the Marsien comes in as “the ultimate adventure sports car.”

Don't forget, people use Porsche Cayennes for off-roading. Check it out here.

That’s right, this is a sports car that was made to be driven off the road. We can tell it definitely was inspired by the old Safari 911s as it has a heavy Porsche influence. Sure, you’re not going to use the Marsien to go rock crawling, just like how you wouldn’t use a Ford Raptor for that job. Where this thing shines is in going fast on sand dunes, fire roads, etc.

photo credit: Marc Phillip Gemballa GmbH

Created by Marc Phillip Gemballa GmbH (not associated with Gemballa GmbH) the new automaker is really making a splash with its first vehicle. Phillip believes the horsepower war, which has been raging for some time, is officially over. Considering how many supercars and hypercars pushing 4-digit horsepower ratings, that’s a fair argument to make. His solution is to create something different and stand out from the crowd.

A production Safari-style supercar certainly is unique. There are aftermarket tuners who produce such vehicles using classics, but consumers virtually never have been able to buy such a thing straight from the manufacturer.

Phillip thinks this marks the end of aftermarket tuning. We tend to disagree, but his Marsien is an interesting supercar nonetheless. As you can easily tell, it’s made using a Porsche 992 Turbo S which has been tuned by RUF (that’s quite the contradiction for someone who thinks tuning is over, but whatever). The result is 750-hp and about 686 lb.-ft. of torque. Those are hardly earth-shattering figures, but I guess this is the result of believing the horsepower wars are officially over?

photo credit: Marc Phillip Gemballa GmbH

The concept of an off-road supercar certainly isn’t new, but having a manufacturer, even a boutique one, produce such a thing is pretty novel. Will this start a trend with the larger brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.? Considering they’re already making crossovers, you just never know.

If you want a chance to pilot the Marsien on off-road adventures, this sports car isn’t going to be common at all, so you better hurry. A mere 40 will be made and we bet they’re going to go quick.

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